Plaisterers Hall Wedding Photography

Katie and Steve had an August wedding in the heart of London. They chose the stunning St Vedast-alias-Foster Church as their wedding venue - one of the most beautiful churches that I have been too, and the impressive Plaisterers Hall which is within walking distance from the church. As you can see from the outdoor shots the heavens opened, but this didn't dampen our spirits and we got some beautiful photos.

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 01

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 02

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 03

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 04

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 05

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 06

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 07

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 08

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 09

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 10

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 11

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 12

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 13

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 14

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 15

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 16

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 17

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 18

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 19

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 20

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 21

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 22

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 23

plaisterers_hall_wedding_photographer 24

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 25

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 26

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 27

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 28

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 29

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 30

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 31

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 32

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 33

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 34

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 35

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 36

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 37

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 38

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 39

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 40

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 41

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 42

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 43

st_vedast-alias-foster_wedding_photographer 44

Their very kind testimonial reads:

We had several photographers to choose from but once we saw Paul's portfolio we knew we had to book him and we thank Paul for capturing our amazing day that we can now remember forever.

We also had a very pushy toastmaster that wanted to keep us to schedule however, Paul was absolutely brilliant and made us relax and ultimately realise that without photos to look back on we would have nothing to show for our big day.

We would also highly recommend the gold frame photos as this was a great opportunity for families, couples and friends to capture special moments.

Thanks Paul.

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